<aside> ⚠️ We are not hiring at the moment! Still, if you’re super excited about Wasp and think we should meet, send us an email at [email protected].


Remote [GMT - 4, GMT + 3]

Hi! We are Martin and Matija, founders of Wasp - a programming language for building web apps with 10x less code. We were part of Y Combinator and recently raised our seed round from several US & EU deep tech funds (more details on TechCrunch) and early engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb.

We are looking to hire very first engineer(s) to join our team!


<aside> 💡 Although our compiler is written in Haskell, it's not a problem if you haven't used Haskell yet (but definitely cool if you have!). Since Wasp exists on top of several OSS projects, we put much bigger focus on your general experience and ability to learn new technologies and concepts and to adapt quickly.

We are followers of the Boring Haskell Manifesto and believe that an experienced engineer can become fully productive in our Haskell codebase within three months.


Come build the future of web development with us!

At Wasp, we are building the next generation of web development technology - a compiled, stack-agnostic DSL for implementing full stack web-apps. Imagine Ruby on Rails as a language and not bound to the specific stack or architecture.

If you are passionate about software engineering and building an OSS technology for fellow engineers that will shape the future of web development - read on!

The product

Based on our experiences of building complex web app platforms in different industries (fintech, biotech) we realised there is a huge need for an easier way to build and maintain such apps. We asked ourselves: “What is the web development of the future going to look like?” and the answer was “A higher-level, stack agnostic language, built from the ground up!”.